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Lean Meats in Petersburg, FL

"Amazing Place !!!!!! The best Meat Market I've Ever been too!!!! I've lived in Missouri, Colorado and Jacksonville, FL and this is the BEST Meat Market. It's Affordable and the Meat is FRESH !!!! I Will never buy Meat from the grocery stores again !!!!! You'll love it ! Go visit #NEWCOMERTOSTPETE" -Janna G.

"By my meat there every month since moving here...good prices, fast service, meat fresh....and they deliver so can't go wrong with that...just wish they would put there coupons on app, or way to look up their list of prices." -Anarda F.

"The food is fresh , customer service is phenomenal ; this is one of the best meat markets I've been to within the Tampa Bay Area!" -Sharima M.

"This place might be in the "scary" part of town, but it has the best meat in St. Petersburg! I stopped in ONCE and have been hooked ever since on their huge buffalo wings. Never ever had a problem going here, no one messes with you on the way in or out. It's super clean inside and the meat display is wonderful. The meat looks cleaner and higher quality than any Publix or Winn Dixie I've ever seen." Contantius C.

"This is the best meat market!! They are helpful and friendly." -Lisa C.

"I have never been here before but I have heard my neighbors telling me there meats are very fresh and the market is clean and friendly staff I wonder if they delivered." -S.B.

"I've been buying meat here since 2009 when u moved to St Pete..Tried a few others nothing compares.....just wish they would update their web pages..aka hours..." Marie L.

"The place is very clean and tidy (important) and the meat is always fresh!" Zelda W.

"We were looking for decently priced chicken wings to make our own buffalo wings! This place is clean, has a nice selection, and the prices are good. They clearly do a lot of business!" -Amanda P.